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How MovableInk cut client onboarding time by 50%

Movable Ink implemented OnRamp to enhance their customer onboarding experience and streamline account setup.

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Movable Ink successfully implemented OnRamp to enhance their customer onboarding experience and streamline the account setup process. By leveraging OnRamp, Movable Ink aimed to address the challenges associated with a growing product offering, an increasing number of setup steps, and a lack of standardized processes. The case study explores the background of Movable Ink, the specific challenges they faced, the process of implementing OnRamp, and the outcomes achieved. The findings highlight the significant improvements in customer onboarding time, reduction in back-and-forth communication, and potential positive impact on customer retention.

Searching for Solutions to Scale

The Solution Consultants (SCs) took over account configurations originally in 2018 and back then they did not have a ton of things that they needed to obtain from a customer in order to provision and configure the account before they could start sending campaigns that included Movable Ink.

Fast forward a few years and Movable’s product offering nearly tripled in size between expanding to their behavioral product Stories, plus the addition of mobile. There were a ton of much needed info security steps and many more. Their team was drowning in setup items that were tough to keep track of with their clients going back and forth via email, decks and spreadsheets. Internally, they would track completion through a chunky checklist they setup in their Salesforce instance, but that became tough to make updates to whenever they needed to add or change steps, and was incredibly difficult to sift through to understand challenges they were facing within each launch as well as being able to accurately report on completion percentages. 

They needed a way to consolidate everything into one centralized place to make it not only make sense for us internally, but more importantly, for their clients so they could get them off on the right foot. they also were struggling with SCs having to jump on several calls pre-post close to discuss the configuration steps with members of the organizations they were selling to 



As Movable Ink's product offering expanded, the account setup process became more complex, resulting in a significant increase in the number of setup steps. The lack of a standardized process and the reliance on manual communication methods, such as email and checklists, led to delays, back-and-forth communication, and potential customer frustration. Movable Ink recognized the need for an automated onboarding solution to streamline the account setup process, reduce time-to-value for customers, and improve overall customer experience.

With the state of setups seemingly constantly changing and iterating with theaddition of new steps, it became very difficult to internally track whether or not an account had been fully set up or not as they have a lot of steps that they deem to be ‘core’ to a customers configuration vs. some that are opt-in/opt-out type steps.  

With the growing number of steps, it also became apparent that we were losing valuable time once the contract date was effective in trying to get these account steps configured in a timely fashion, thus resulting in a lot of stalled launches. Historically, customers that get off to a fast start and are able to use a significant amount of their usage in the first year, are more likely to renew or upsell. 

Objectives of Implementing OnRamp

The primary objective of implementing OnRamp was to enhance the customer onboarding experience by automating and standardizing the account setup process. Movable Ink aimed to reduce the time required for customers to complete the setup, minimize back-and-forth communication, and provide a self-service platform for customers to easily configure their accounts. Additionally, the company sought to assess the potential impact of streamlined onboarding on customer retention and long-term success.

Evaluation and Selection of OnRamp

Movable Ink conducted an evaluation of various onboarding automation platforms and identified OnRamp as the most suitable solution. The evaluation process involved assessing the features, capabilities, user experience, and integration possibilities of different platforms. OnRamp stood out for its comprehensive functionality, ease of use, ability to integrate with Movable Ink's existing systems, and scalability to support the company's growth.

After selecting OnRamp as the preferred onboarding automation platform, Movable Ink collaborated closely with the OnRamp team to define the scope of the implementation. This involved mapping out the existing account setup process, identifying pain points and areas for improvement, and designing a streamlined onboarding workflow within OnRamp.


OnRamp Integration and Configuration

Movable Ink's development team worked closely with OnRamp's technical experts to integrate OnRamp with their existing systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) and account management platforms. The configuration process involved defining the setup steps, configuring automated email notifications, and establishing data synchronization between systems.

Training and Adoption by Movable Ink's Team

To ensure successful adoption, Movable Ink provided comprehensive training to their internal teams involved in the onboarding process. This included training on OnRamp's features, workflows, and best practices for utilizing the platform effectively. By involving stakeholders from different departments, such as customer success, sales, and technical support, Movable Ink aimed to create a cohesive and cross-functional approach to onboarding.

Phased Rollout and Initial Results

Movable Ink implemented OnRamp in a phased approach, starting with a selected group of customers and gradually expanding to a broader customer base. This allowed them to gather feedback, make necessary adjustments, and address any unforeseen issues. The initial results indicated a significant reduction in onboarding time, streamlined communication, and improved customer satisfaction.



Enhanced Customer Onboarding Experience

With the implementation of OnRamp, Movable Ink witnessed a remarkable improvement in the customer onboarding experience. The automated onboarding workflow provided customers with a guided, self-service approach, reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling them to configure their accounts more efficiently. Customers expressed positive feedback about the streamlined process, highlighting increased clarity, reduced confusion, and improved time-to-value.

Reduction in Account Setup Time

OnRamp's automation capabilities significantly reduced the time required for customers to complete the account setup process. The standardized workflow, automated reminders, and integrated configuration options contributed to faster onboarding and reduced dependency on manual coordination. Movable Ink observed an average reduction of 30% in the account setup time, allowing customers to start utilizing the software sooner and accelerating their return on investment.

Streamlined Communication and Reduced Back-and-Forth

Prior to implementing OnRamp, the account setup process involved multiple rounds of back-and-forth communication between Movable Ink's teams and customers. OnRamp's automated notifications, progress tracking, and self-service capabilities minimized the need for manual communication and provided customers with real-time visibility into their onboarding progress. As a result, Movable Ink experienced a significant reduction in communication overhead and improved efficiency in coordinating account setup tasks.

Potential Impact on Customer Retention

While it is still early to measure the long-term impact, Movable Ink anticipates positive effects on customer retention as a result of streamlined onboarding. By providing customers with a smoother onboarding experience, Movable Ink aims to set the foundation for a strong customer relationship and increase the likelihood of long-term success and satisfaction. By reducing friction in the early stages of the customer journey, Movable Ink expects to improve customer retention rates and drive business growth.

Key Learnings from the Implementation Process

Throughout the implementation of OnRamp, Movable Ink gained valuable insights and lessons. Key learnings include the importance of thorough planning and mapping of the existing processes, effective collaboration between internal and external teams, and the significance of ongoing training and support to ensure successful adoption of the onboarding automation platform.

Continuous Improvement and Expansion of OnRamp Usage

Movable Ink recognizes that the implementation of OnRamp is just the beginning of their journey towards enhancing customer onboarding. They plan to continuously refine the onboarding workflow, gather customer feedback, and identify areas for further improvement. Additionally, Movable Ink intends to explore the expansion of OnRamp's usage beyond account setup to include other customer touchpoints and processes, such as feature adoption and customer training.


Future Plans and Potential Integrations

Looking ahead, Movable Ink envisions integrating OnRamp with other systems in their tech stack to create a seamless end-to-end customer experience. This includes exploring integrations with their CRM platform, customer support tools, and data analytics systems to further enhance customer success and overall operational efficiency.



Movable Ink successfully implemented OnRamp to enhance their customer onboarding experience and streamline the account setup process. The integration of OnRamp resulted in significant improvements, including an enhanced onboarding experience, reduced account setup time, streamlined communication, and potential positive impact on customer retention. Through careful evaluation, collaboration, and a phased rollout, Movable Ink established a solid foundation for ongoing improvements and a customer-centric approach to onboarding. By leveraging the capabilities of OnRamp and continuously optimizing the onboarding process, Movable Ink is poised to deliver exceptional value to their customers and drive continued growth in the dynamic digital marketing industry.

About Movable Ink
Movable Ink has been the leader in data activated image generation since its inception in 2010. Their software enables them to generate personalized images in digital channels that are catered to the individual interacting with them, the moment they engage or open with the communication. They specialize in personalized and dynamic content for emails, mobile messages, and other marketing channels. Their core product allows clients to create intelligent and creative content that can be personalized at the moment of engagement. Movable Ink's offering has evolved over the years, introducing new products and features such as behavioral web products, mobile messaging capabilities, and AI-driven personalization through the acquisition of Coherent Path, now rebranded as DaVinci.