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Avoid inefficiencies with automated workflows

Build dynamic project workflows with OnRamp's no-code platform. Customize onboardings to meet each customer's unique needs using conditional logic to dynamically adjust task flows based on responses. 

Project + Task Management_Project Overview

Automate decisions and actions, eliminating manual customization. OnRamp's task library acts as building blocks, allowing easy construction and modification of workflows into custom, reusable playbooks. Adapt seamlessly to fit each customer's requirements with our intuitive interface. Boost engagement, increase completion rates, and streamline the onboarding process for a smoother, more effective experience.

Process Automation_Task Builder


Build custom project workflows without a line of code.

Keep up with workflows and changes in an intuitive no-code workflow canvas. Define a complex list of subtasks (single/multiple choice, dropdowns, files, etc.) and string together with conditional logic and dependencies. Save workflows as reusable customized playbooks for repeatable onboarding processes as you scale. Modify playbooks to fit the needs of each individual customer


Customize task flow based on individual customer responses.

Eliminate manual customization and tailor each onboarding experience dynamically to meet customer needs. Create different pathways by hiding irrelevant follow-up questions within tailored flows, thus enhancing efficiency. Customize your customer's journey responsively based on their inputs with conditional logic embedded into the task builder,

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Process Automation_TaskModule Library


Task and module building blocks enable you to construct workflows into custom reusable playbooks

Construct and modify workflows into custom, reusable playbooks, functioning like Lego blocks. Define various steps in your process and assign different tasks to each step with ease. This modular approach streamlines the onboarding process, empowering you to adapt and optimize workflows effortlessly. With customizable playbooks, you can efficiently tailor onboarding experiences to meet diverse customer needs, ensuring seamless transitions at every stage.


Tailor the customer experience with dynamic workflows

Create multi-step questions using a variety of answer choices, including multiple choice, long or short text answers, file or link requests and sharing, Adobe eSignatures, as well as video sharing. Forms enable you to incorporate multiple inputs within a single step, enhancing efficiency. Additionally, you can embed any iframe directly into the task, whether it's a slide deck, calendar scheduler, or your own application, providing seamless integration and customization options.

Process Automation_Task Builder
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Improve the sales to CS handoff with CRM deal notifications and data syncing

Enhance the sales to customer success handoff with CRM deal notifications. Expedite project initiation by automatically populating the "Incoming" section of your Projects tab with relevant Salesforce or Hubspot opportunities. This integration reduces delays and duplicate entry streamlining processes to ensure a seamless handoff between teams.