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Avoid project bottlenecks and delays 

From streamlined task organization to enhanced project insights, OnRamp ensures seamless collaboration and informed decision-making, empowering teams to move customer onboarding projects along efficiently. 

Project + Task Management_Project Overview

OnRamp offers a comprehensive solution to optimize project management workflows. Consolidating project information for increased visibility and efficient decision-making. Easily customize your internal experience to work how you work best. Unblock project workflows and optimize task progression. Simplify document and image collection in one secure location. 

Project+Task Mgmt_Dashboard


Mission control for your daily onboarding tasks

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all projects and tasks within OnRamp. Access key information effortlessly in one place, like your tasks due, customer tasks for associated projects, and graphical representations of task status and completion. Stay informed about upcoming task workload over the next few weeks and receive a summarized list of all projects you're associated with. Utilize the Activity section for reminders of your project activities or your customers' actions.


Organize your work, your way.

Customize your internal experience with List, Calendar, or Gantt views. Track and update task details, deadlines, and assignments effortlessly in List view. Visualize tasks and deadlines quickly with Calendar or Gantt view, ensuring efficient project management. Enjoy seamless syncing of project data across all views for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Project+Task Management_Gantt Chart
Project + Task Management_Project Overview


Streamline project management with comprehensive insights in one unified view

The Project Overview consolidates all essential project information into one page, providing a detailed summary of activities within a specific project. Easily track overdue tasks, access team notes, and view insights, ensuring quick access to pertinent information and facilitating efficient decision-making.


Stop chasing down email attachments with consolidated project files

End the hassle of searching through scattered, unsecure email attachments for project files. OnRamp consolidates all data, files, and information in one secure location, simplifying document and image collection. Enjoy enhanced security with centralized storage, ensuring data safety and eliminating the need for lengthy, unsecured email chains. Access project files and images easily in one organized place, without the need to chase down attachments. 

Project+Task Mgmt_Consolidated files & attachments Large
Dependencies (1)


Unblock your project workflow by establishing and managing clear task dependencies.

Prevent project delays and bottlenecks caused by unclear task relationships. Gain visibility into the owner of the previous task blocking progress, ensuring smoother workflow. Establish and manage clear Dependency Relationships to build stage-gates into your process. Hold processes if blocked by interdependent tasks, optimizing task progression. Strategically manage task relationships to optimize project timelines and ensure efficient workflow.