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B2B SaaS Customer Onboarding

Stop churn before it starts by creating a first customer experience that enables your customers to adopt and implement your product before they lose engagement.

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Customer success starts with customer onboarding. SaaS companies service a variety of customer segments each with separate onboarding processes. OnRamp is the only customer onboarding platform built specifically for SaaS implementation teams and tailored to meet the needs of even your non-technical SaaS customers.  The user-friendly internal platform empowers CS teams to efficiently manage and optimize onboarding workflows, ensuring successful adoption for all customers.


Simplify onboarding and empower CSMs and your customers

Streamline onboarding processes with intuitive automation, freeing up time for customer success managers to focus on high-value interactions and fostering a seamless experience for customers.


Increase Customer Engagement

Boost customer engagement with a branded, customer-facing portal providing a tailored onboarding experience that resonates with the needs and preferences of different customer segments


Reduce Manual Entry + Errors

Eliminate manual entry and errors by automating repetitive tasks and data entry processes with CRM syncing and efficient playbook creation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the onboarding journey


Unblock Project Bottlenecks

Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks quickly, enabling smoother project progression and enhanced efficiency to improve the customer experience and expand accounts
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Automate Onboarding Tasks for Seamless Customer Journeys

Streamline onboarding with intuitive automation and ensuring a consistent, seamless customer journey. Empower customers to engage and complete tasks efficiently, facilitate seamless collaboration, and enhance project visibility. Stop chasing down customers in your inbox and enable your CSMs to focus on quality interactions and value delivery.

Enhance Project Visibility to Eliminate Bottlenecks

Avoid project bottlenecks and onboarding delays with OnRamp's enhanced visibility capabilities. From streamlined task organization to customized internal experiences, OnRamp empowers teams to optimize task progression, collaborate seamlessly, and make informed decisions efficiently. With consolidated project information and tailored workflows, OnRamp ensures a smooth journey for both technical and non-technical users, eliminating communication barriers and administrative burdens.

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Optimize Efficiency with Automated Workflows

Eliminate manual inefficiencies with OnRamp's automated workflows tailored for SaaS CS teams. Build dynamic project workflows effortlessly using our intuitive no-code platform and customizable task library, adapting seamlessly to each customer's unique needs. With capabilities like conditional logic for dynamic task flows, simplified document collection, and automated decision-making, OnRamp streamlines onboarding processes, boosting engagement and completion rates for a smoother, more efficient experience.

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How SaaS leader MovableInk cut time-to-onboard by 50%

MovableInk successfully implemented OnRamp to enhance their customer onboarding experience and streamline the account setup process. By leveraging OnRamp, MovableInk aimed to address the challenges associated with a growing product suite, an increasing number of setup steps, and a lack of standardized processes. MovableInk highlights the significant improvements in customer onboarding time, reduction in back-and-forth communication, and potential positive impact on customer retention since implementing OnRamp.


Ready to see OnRamp in action?

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