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Uncover insights with data-driven reporting

Track onboarding duration, project velocity, common bottlenecks, and customer feedback effortlessly, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your onboarding experience for maximum efficiency and success.

Project+Task Mgmt_Status, Progress, On-time performance at a Glance

OnRamp empowers leaders with comprehensive reporting tools to unlock deep insights into their onboarding process. From monitoring onboarding duration and project velocity to identifying and resolving workflow bottlenecks, OnRamp provides the visibility needed to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. 

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Track onboarding to increase time to value for customers

Monitor how long onboarding takes on average, allowing you to assess performance against projected timelines and deliver value faster to customers. Identify any discrepancies between planned and actual onboarding durations to make necessary adjustments and optimize.


Enhance playbook efficiency with project velocity analysis

Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your playbooks. Track average completion times to understand how quickly projects are being completed. Identify trends and variations in completion times to make informed decisions and playbook improvements. 

Project+Task Mgmt_Dashboard
Project+Task Mgmt_Status, Progress, On-time performance at a Glance


Surface tailored project insights

Surface the most relevant information for your team with custom views. Access powerful filters on Tasks and Projects pages to drill down into project or task details. Stay updated on upcoming and overdue tasks, review project progress and status, and track ongoing and completed projects for specific playbooks. Enjoy enhanced visibility and informed decision-making with tailored project insights.


Resolve bottlenecks with visibility into inefficiencies

Pinpoint specific workflows that are slowing down your onboarding efficiency across projects, gaining insights into potential workflow obstacles. Visualize and problem-solve bottlenecks to streamline the success of your playbooks. Prioritize tasks by pinpointing those most commonly overdue, allowing you to iterate and optimize for smoother operations. 

Bottleneck Report
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Improve onboarding with instant feedback 

Say goodbye to waiting for customer retro meetings to gather feedback from customers when it’s often too late to recover. OnRamp incorporates quick feedback checkpoints throughout the onboarding journey, providing real-time insights into what's working well and what needs improvement.


Export your onboarding data with ease

Export your data seamlessly with OnRamp's Full Data Export feature. We believe in empowering you with full ownership of your data, allowing you to retrieve it whenever needed for deeper analysis or reporting. With just a few clicks, download your data in a convenient format to run additional analyses or integrate with other systems. 

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