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Streamline customer collaboration

OnRamp's simple customer-facing portal provides your customers with the tools they need to boost engagement, streamline communication, and complete onboarding tasks with ease.

New Portal with Confetti

By facilitating seamless collaboration through features like task messaging, automated reminders, and self-serve playbooks, OnRamp empowers your customers to engage in onboarding while completing tasks efficiently and effectively. OnRamp enhances project visibility for your customers ensuring that stakeholders remain informed about project progress and enabling them to take timely action to drive projects forward.

Customer Portal_ New Portal


Increase customer engagement in onboarding with a no-code, branded customer portal 

Deliver an exceptional first impression with a beautifully customized interface showcasing your custom domain, colors, and logo. Maintain consistent branding throughout with notifications sent directly from your URL, providing a personalized touch without requiring additional logins. Stand out and impress customers with a seamlessly integrated and fully branded experience


Support customers where they are increasing customer collaboration 

Boost engagement by enabling direct commenting within tasks. Empower customers to effortlessly share questions or notes, minimizing reliance on lengthy email threads and streamlining conversations. Keep communication focused and immediate by facilitating comments within the relevant task contextT

Customer Engagement_Client Portal Task with Comments
In-app portal


Create a consistent customer experience by embedding the customer portal directly into your application

Integrate your branded customer portal directly into your own app’s user experience with an onboarding progress bar widget or embed the OnRamp portal directly into your app. Enable your customers to access their customer portal without leaving your app, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Whether tracking onboarding progress or accessing the full portal features, users can effortlessly navigate through tasks and projects within your app. 


 Save social capital bt streamlining communication with automated task-specific nudges and reminders

Efficiently communicate project progress, address blocked bottlenecks, and highlight overdue tasks with automated reminders tailored to context. Provide customers with streamlined communication to take action, reducing the need for manual follow-ups. Save valuable social capital by automating reminders directly from the client portal, alleviating the burden on customer success managers to chase down task completions.

62ceff68b666365cf13d1e3a_Nudge Reminder Email with OnRamp


Empower customers to self-serve with specific playbooks they can start themselves

Enable customers to initiate self-serve playbooks independently, allowing them to start new projects on their own. Encourage proactive engagement by enabling customers to spin up new projects themselves, fostering a sense of ownership and initiative. Offer additional modules, training, upsells or showcase new services to further enhance customer engagement.