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Customer onboarding
made easy

Streamline implementations and build the foundation for success at scale.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Customer success starts at onboarding. Lengthy onboarding times paired with low customer engagement and poor visibility delays value, increases costs and threatens revenue.

low engagement

Disengaged customers

Disjointed processes & negative first experiences hinder adoption leading to churn.

Long onbording times

Long onboarding times

Lack of visibility into bottlenecks delays time to value and stalls project progress.

High cost

High costs

Manual onboarding wastes valuable resources, increases overhead and risks revenue.


Simplify and streamline your customer onboarding

Automate complex workflows while maintaining operational efficiency at scale. Eliminate communication silos and replace clunky spreadsheets with OnRamp’s intuitive, no-code customer portal.


Create an amazing customer experience

Give your customers a delightful, step-by-step experience that guides them through even the most complex onboarding process.

  • Customer Portal: Empower customers to complete onboarding tasks with a branded customer portal
  • Automated Emails: Streamline communication with weekly email summaries and task-specific nudges
  • Task Comments: Facilitate customer collaboration eliminating silos and onboarding delays
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Gain visibility into your onboarding process

Avoid project bottlenecks and onboarding delays. OnRamp's customer onboarding software empowers teams with visibility to move customer onboarding projects forward

  • Project Overview: Unblock project workflows and optimize task progression
  • Project Views: Customize your internal experience to work how you work best
  • Personalized Dashboard:: Consolidate project information for increased visibility and efficient decision-making


Avoid inefficiencies with automated workflows

Build dynamic project workflows with OnRamp's no-code customer onboardiplatform automatically adapting to each customer. 

  • Conditional Logic: Customize onboardings to meet each customer's unique needs
  • Files Storage: Simplify document collection in one secure location.
  • Playbook Library: Increase playbook efficiency by automating actions and eliminating manual entry
Project Task List

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"OnRamp is killing it. People are getting through setup in weeks, if not days. I don't want my team in their inbox chasing down steps. OnRamp has helped us automate that and give the customer the power to complete onboarding."

Mike Dietz
Senior Director of Client Solutions


Don't take our word for it

From Fortune 500 enterprises to growing SaaS and services teams, OnRamp's platform helps B2B teams manage customers and processes at scale.

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