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How Taylor Streamlined Customer Onboarding to Prepare for Scale

The Taylor team ditched spreadsheets and email threads for a more delightful customer experience
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Taylor Corporation, one of the largest privately owned companies in the country and top graphic communications provider was looking for the goldilocks solution to help them prepare to scale quickly with their newest product, Taylor OnDemand.

The Taylor OnDemand program leverages Taylor’s extensive capabilities to provide customers to seamlessly integrate Taylor’s print-on-demand services. By exposing a unified integration, it lets customers access all of Taylor through a single entry point while expanding the company’s footprint to additional facilities. Taylor OnDemand is the leading back-end print fulfillment provider for resellers, direct sellers, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and more.

We interviewed the Taylor team to find out why they chose OnRamp and learn more about their experience. They helped us learn more about the challenges faced prior to implementing customer onboarding software, why they believe OnRamp is the best option on the market for enterprise teams, their experience so far with OnRamp, and the anticipated benefits of implementing customer onboarding software. 

In an effort to consolidate its product offerings and streamline their new customer onboarding process, the Taylor OnDemand team began their search for a customer onboarding software solution. 

Customer Onboarding Challenges for Scaling Teams

Before adopting OnRamp, Taylor relied on manual processes involving spreadsheets, forms, and emails to manage their complex customer onboarding processes. This approach was time-intensive, slow, and error-prone. It caused customer delays and drop-off at each step of the onboarding process. Ultimately, the revenue impact was significant and the customer experience was not to Taylor's expectations. Taylor OnDemand continued to onboard customers rapidly with their manual onboarding process. As they expanded to onboard multiple seven-figure customers per month, it became evident that something needed to change. Their existing project management team, while extremely effective, needed a solution that could automate manual tasks, provide better visibility, and enhance the customer experience.

Choosing the Best Customer Onboarding Software for Enterprise Teams

The Taylor OnDemand team explored various customer onboarding software options available in the market. Their search focused on finding a tool that would meet Taylor’s specific requirements: Value, support, flexibility, and customer experience. They compared different solutions, evaluating factors such as value, cost, and support. The Taylor OnDemand team did painstaking research and vendor comparisons. OnRamp emerged as the clear choice, ticking all of the boxes on their customer onboarding software checklist as the only one that solved for both their internal needs and their customers' experience.

“Our project management team has always done a really good job in the past with managing new customer onboarding, even as the complexity has changed over the last year. However, the speed in which we want to accomplish this and the goal of delighting the customer in a better way is really what brought us to OnRamp.”  - Nicole Arevalo, Director of Information Technology at Taylor


Favorite Features and Anticipated Efficiencies

Taylor OnDemand is experiencing several benefits from using OnRamp. Their favorite feature is OnRamp's "task dependency" settings, which triggers tasks upon other tasks' completion. With OnRamp's task dependency settings, their project management team doesn't receive a barrage of tasks that aren't important yet. Their team spends more time on what's important now, rather than getting distracted by tasks that will be important in a few months.

A close second favorite feature? OnRamp's customer-facing portal. The Taylor OnDemand team loves how simple and straightforward OnRamp makes their customers' experience. Instead of inviting customers to a complicated project management tool, OnRamp offers a separate interface for Taylor OnDemand's busy customers. This separate interface guides Taylor's customers through all their tasks without being overwhelming, and increases the speed and success rate of onboardings.

Previously, it was difficult to get effective reports and status updates from the systems the team stitched together. With OnRamp, the project management team and Taylor OnDemand executives can all see customer statuses and onboarding metrics in a "single pane of glass." No more digging through spreadsheets, forms, and email threads.

Onboarding and Implementing OnRamp Customer Onboarding Software

Taylor gave a special shout out to OnRamp’s support team, which is US-based and that has provided valuable support and guidance throughout the implementation process. The team’s customer onboarding expertise and timely assistance have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any questions that arise. The Taylor team appreciated OnRamp’s onboarding approach offering support while giving the team space to adopt OnRamp effectively - a delicate balance in customer onboarding. They also enjoyed using OnRamp as customers throughout their OnRamp onboarding to experience the customer portal from the customer’s point of view, easily tracking where they are in their OnRamp implementation.

Eliminating Ambiguity, Reducing Friction and Speeding Time to Value with OnRamp

Taylor OnDemand looks forward to leveraging the efficiencies offered by OnRamp to enhance their customer onboarding experience, reduce friction, and efficiently manage the increased volume of projects. Taylor’s implementation of OnRamp for their Taylor OnDemand program represents a significant step toward streamlining customer onboarding process

About Taylor
Taylor Corporation operates more than 80 facilities and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. Divided into five business units, each catering to different customer types and product solutions, the company recently launched a new offering, Taylor OnDemand, with the aim of providing integrated print-on-demand solutions to all its customers‍.