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Why We're Building OnRamp: A Note from the Founders

Author: Paul Holder

Published: November 20, 2023

Last updated: May 23, 2024

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At this very moment, there are countless teams working to develop the breakthroughs that will move our world forward, like overhauling our electric grid, democratizing finance, revolutionizing biotechnology, and empowering small businesses to compete globally. To name just a few.

But the problem is that groundbreaking products are only effective if organizations can successfully merge them into their customer’s work lives. We like to think of it in physics terms: a newly developed product might have massive potential to change our world for the better, but unless that potential can be turned into something kinetic and real, it stays just that–potential.

Too often, the implementation process is the friction that can get in the way of this full potential being realized.

Paul felt this first hand for the last 6 years, while leading Customer Onboarding and Customer Success teams at several cutting-edge software companies in New York. The potential of these tools to transform the titanic real estate and sales industries was clear, but even after customers bought into that dream the path to reaching it could be slow. The seemingly inevitable slowdown of momentum during product implementation, even with a great team and great processes, was difficult to overcome. And the more he spoke with peers, the more he realized this issue affected many beyond himself.

In short, everyone had horror stories of new customers gone off track. We’d all been there!

So we put our heads together and dug even deeper, engaging in conversations with 100+ industry leaders to better understand why. We found some pretty big obstacles facing even the most thoughtful of teams. The biggest of which being: making change management and customer enablement a core part of your organization’s DNA is...really hard.

This is true throughout the customer life cycle, but we think the most crucial place to start is at the beginning: if you don’t set your customers up right in the first place, success is so much harder to achieve. That’s why we’re starting with onboarding.

OnRamp’s mission is to remove the barriers that limit innovative potential in order to help forward-thinking organizations do what we’re all counting on them to do: change the world. We designed OnRamp to help them translate their groundbreaking work into a greater good for their customers–and all of us.

OnRamp’s implementation platform provides that sweet spot where alignment of processes, people, and tools makes for something magical. New customers are guided to success as part of a seamless and collaborative web experience tailored to their needs. Implementation teams get a powerful tool that gives them full control over this experience to iterate and replicate what works best, every time. All without code.

The goal is to facilitate trust and mutual success across all stages of the customer relationship, making everyone involved happier, improving productivity, and increasing net retention. We're building OnRamp because when more customers can access the value they're already paying for, more innovation is unleashed on the world, and we all win.

It’s been a whirlwind so far, and we’re growing quickly. If you’re as excited about unlocking the world’s innovative potential as we are, reach out to us anytime at

Paul & Ross