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How Horizon Education Scaled New School Onboarding


The Horizon team streamlined their disjointed onboarding processes to improve school satisfaction and improve efficiency.

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Before OnRamp, their implementation team was using email threads, Google Docs and PowerPoints to manage new school onboarding and implementations. As they continued to grow and became busier than ever before, this manual process was no longer as scalable, efficient or secure as they needed it to be.

Prior to OnRamp, the Horizon team didn’t have a single centralized place to provide onboarding documents and tasks for new schools. Everything was done with shared Google Docs. They would have to open each individual doc to update and check progress. The leadership team required a trusted solution to guarantee security around transferring school records to align with student data privacy standards. 

‍As they grew and partnered with more schools, it was no longer feasible to monitor a client’s journey by opening each implementation document and reviewing.  They desired a system that would track user updates and task completion throughout the onboarding process.

The Horizon team described “geeking out with excitement” when they first discovered OnRamp. They felt confident it would help give them the visibility and scalability they desired for their customer onboarding process.

Horizon Education is busier than they’ve ever been, as they are growing quickly and partnering with more schools. Previously, Dodie, as the team’s sole Implementation Manager, led high touch onboardings through sharing Powerpoint slide decks on live check in calls. With OnRamp, she has been able to leverage technology to provide the same white-glove experience at scale. OnRamp has sped up and streamlined her workflow allowing Horizon to scale.

Prior to OnRamp, Horizon ran new school onboardings and implementations through shared Google Docs causing silos and added manual work. With OnRamp,  they are able to provide a cleaner, more professional customer portal for schools to complete tasks.

Horizon Education is the market leader in test prep for educators via professional development. They work directly with schools from some of the largest school districts in the nation to train their staff to run test preparation and college readiness programs.