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How ParkHub crushes customer onboarding with OnRamp

ParkHub implemented OnRamp to increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

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ParkHub sought a solution that would provide a seamless experience and scalable framework to enhance their client onboarding process and accommodate their rapid growth. Lance, Head of Customer Success at ParkHub, describes providing customers with a great onboarding experience as a key responsibility of his role.


Prior to implementing OnRamp, ParkHub encountered several challenges in their onboarding process. Communication was primarily handled through email threads, leading to a lack of visibility into project progress. This disjointed approach resulted in missed tasks, delayed launches, and occasional customer frustration. ParkHub recognized the need for a more organized and efficient onboarding system to provide clients with a stellar first impression.

Choosing OnRamp:

While exploring various onboarding and customer success tools, ParkHub found that OnRamp stood out due to its ability to customize the onboarding experience for different verticals they served. The seamless integration with SalesForce was also a key factor, allowing for effortless information flow between the teams.

The OnRamp Advantage:

OnRamp brought a multitude of benefits to ParkHub's onboarding process:

- Customizability: OnRamp's flexibility allowed ParkHub to create tailored playbooks for different customer journeys, ensuring a personalized experience for each client.

- User-Friendly Customer Portal: The intuitive interface provided clients with a step-by-step guide, enabling them to easily track their progress in the onboarding process.

- Brand Integration: OnRamp seamlessly integrated with ParkHub's brand, providing a familiar environment for clients. Custom URLs, logos, and brand colors maintained a cohesive experience.

- Salesforce Integration: The integration with Salesforce ensured that all information remained up to date, facilitating smooth collaboration between teams.


Since implementing OnRamp, ParkHub experienced significant efficiencies:

  • Improved Visibility: The ability for anyone at ParkHub to log in and track the status of individual launches provided unprecedented visibility into project progress.
  • Document Acknowledgement Tracking: OnRamp enabled ParkHub to track client acknowledgements of critical documents, such as Data Security, streamlining compliance processes.

ParkHub received glowing feedback from a new client who praised the onboarding process for its user-friendliness, especially in comparison to experiences with other vendors. This positive feedback validated ParkHub's decision to prioritize and enhance their onboarding experience, solidifying their commitment to providing exceptional service.

For Customer Success leads seeking to enhance their client onboarding process and make a lasting first impression, the ParkHub and OnRamp partnership serves as a testament to the value of investing in efficient onboarding software. The seamless integration, customizability, and improved visibility offered by OnRamp have revolutionized ParkHub's onboarding process, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the parking industry. If you're looking to elevate your onboarding experience, exploring OnRamp is a highly recommended step forward.

About ParkHub
ParkHub provides software and hardware solutions for the parking industry. Our industry-favorite mobile point of sale processes credit card payments, validates prepaid parking passes via integrations with ticketing partners, and tracks all lot entrants. This transactional information is fed to our business intelligence platform, ParkHub Suite, which provides our clients with real time insights into their parking operation and the ability to make data informed decisions. Our products save both our clients and their guests time, hassle, and money. We work with major sports organizations, colleges and universities, entertainment, municipalities, as well as parking operators.