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OnRamp Customer Onboarding Platform

The OnRamp platform offers flexibility and efficiency in managing your customer onboarding processes combining your internal project and task management with a branded no-code customer portal.

With OnRamp, you can design and automate complex onboarding workflows, scaling your operations without sacrificing efficiency. OnRamp has both an internal project management platform built specifically for onboarding teams, as well as a user-friendly, no-code customer-facing portal. 


Unblock onboarding with intuitive automation and a seamless customer portal 

OnRamp provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining customer onboarding processes.


Process Automation

Avoid the inefficiencies of manual processes with automated workflows. Build dynamic project workflows with OnRamp's no-code platform.


Customer Engagement

OnRamp's customer portal empowers seamless collaboration, eliminating communication bottlenecks and onboarding delays by providing customers with a simple, customer-facing portal.


Project Visbility

With streamlined task organization and enhanced project insights, OnRamp makes it easy to identify inefficiencies and empower teams to move customer onboarding projects along efficiently. 
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Maximize efficiency with smart workflow automation.

Simplify scaling with repeatable, customizable playbooks .

  • Workflow Canvas: Build your project workflow with complex logic, without a line of code.
  • Conditional Logic: Customize dynamic task flow based on individual customer responses
  • Playbook Library: Task and module building blocks enable you to construct workflows into custom reusable playbooks


Manage all onboarding tasks in one place

Avoid project bottlenecks and delays with increased visibility and completion.

  • Dependencies: Unblock your project workflow by establishing and managing clear task dependencies
  • Files Storage: Stop chasing down email attachments with consolidated project files
  • Project Views: Organize your work, your way with Gantt, List or Calendar views
Project List
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Create a simple, guided experience that wows customers

Empower customers to complete onboarding tasks with a simple, customer-facing portal

  • Customer Portal: Increase customer engagement and onboarding completion with a mobile-friendly, branded customer porta
  • Communication: Streamline communication with com task-specific comments, nudges and automated reminders
  • Self-Serve Playbooks: Empower customers to self-serve with playbooks they can start themselves


Understand your onboarding insights at a glance

Identify bottlenecks to improve efficiency with out-of-the-box reporting, insights, and customer feedback. 

  • Project Velocity: Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your playbooks to track completion time and project status
  • Bottleneck Identification: Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks with visibility into inefficiencies
  • Customer Feedback: Iterate and improve your onboarding experience with instant feedback from customers
Project+Task Mgmt_Status, Progress, On-time performance at a Glance
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Connect directly with the tools you already use

OnRamp’s integrations ensure your data is always in sync where you want it without double entry.

  • CRM Syncing: Sync notes, automated tasks and deal notifications eliminating duplicate entry in Salesforce or HubSpot
  • Embeddable Elements: Integrate any URL into a subtask allowing seamless interaction and completion within the platform
  • Webhooks: Automate actions by connecting your team’s toolstack with OnRamp


Ready to see OnRamp in action?

Our team will walk you through OnRamp's customer-facing portal and internal platform in a 30-minute demo.